“375 athletes men and women for 9 races. All strictly separated by categories and gender, to avoid needless contacts and infections.”

Everything is ready. Or nearly. It’s just a matter of detail now. The safety concept is understood. Everyone knows what to expect: staff, volunteers, athletes and trainers. This will be an European Championship with the disc brake on. However, it has to be, and will be, a memorable edition. Everybody will say: “Do you remember that year in Switzerland, as it was almost like being at war? But we had fun! What for beautiful places! And how good did we ate there!”.

Figures about infections in Ticino, seem to increase less conspicuously than in other places. Here we go. Even though bikes feel like weighing 1 ton, everyone will try to take flight. Some to provide and guarantee the maximum protection, some to make the short stay at the foot of Monte Tamaro as pleasant as possible, some to win and see their name in the roll of honour.

Boys and girls here we go. In less than 2 days the Team Relais will open the European Championships. We promise: there won’t be any hugs and kisses, neither anyone will toast or party in any way, but if we could see our Swiss Team on the top step of the podium again (why not led by Filippo Colombo, the boy next door), we definitely would pop open a Magnum bottle of Champagne. Virtually, of course!